Hollywood Spotlight: Carole Landis

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the pinup girl of the 1940s


The Marilyn Monroe of the 1940’s

Carole Landis 




Carole Landis Hollywood bombshell, born in 1919 as Frances Ridste had stars in her eyes from the age of 2, with the nickname baby doll, she didn’t waste a minute joining local talent shows and beauty pagent’s as a child.

At 15 she danced in Hula in a San Fran club, dyed her hair blonde and changed her name to Carole Landis, she worked at lots of places before getting a break.

In 1937 she grabbed an extra part in the original A Star is Born movie. Carole did a ton of Cheese Cake photoshoots and small extra parts in Westerns. Her really notably break that made her a star was as the scantily clad cavewoman in One Million B.C. Carole was soon Labeled the “Pin Up Girl”.

Carole then scored a contact with 20th Century Fox and spun out a series of films. A staunch supporter of supporting the troops, saw Carole traveling the world to entertain the troops. On one trip she contracted malaria and amoebic dysentery and almost died.  She became an Air raid Warden, Commander in the Ariel nurses Corps, and even got her licence to fly.

Carole married 4 times in her life, but the love who her pushed her over the top, that led to her suicide was  ” Sexy Rexy” Rex Harrison who refused to leave his wife for her. Carole killed herself at the age of 29  by sleeping pills and he found her slumped over her jewellery box in her bathroom.

Some people say he allegedly may have murdered her, of course as usually no one will ever know

Anyway its always good to look back and not forget the and Spotlight the Hollywood Guys and Dolls of yesteryear.






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