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Miss Burlesque Baby August 2020

Pinup of the Month

Tosca Rivola 



Hi BurlesqueBaby,

I’m thrilled to be featured this month!
Burlesque is an artform I’ve always admired from afar, but only quite recently jumped into! My first public burlesque performance was at the Miss Viva Las Vegas burlesque competition in Vegas, where I somehow snagged the winning title for 2015. This really gave me the confidence to pursue it more seriously! Before that competition, I was very focused on training Cyr Wheel, which is the speciality apparatus I’m known for combining with burlesque.
To this day I still consider myself more of an athlete than a burlesque performer just because training comes very naturally to me, while styling and makeup sometimes feels like a chore haha. But that can be our little secret 😉
Burlesque show in Los Angelescabaret shows USA
Burlesque has been a wonderful journey along which I’ve met some truly incredible, inspiring women! I think the opportunity of meeting like-minded, powerful, creative ladies has been the most rewarding part of this entire journey actually! It has been unreal working with Dita Von Teese herself on a few shows and I was really looking forward to the Glamonatrix Tour, which had to be moved to next year due to covid.
I am very excited about the European tour because we’d be visiting my hometown of Prague, and my other hometown, Zurich. My father is Czech and my mother Swiss, so it will be exhilarating being able to circle back to my homes after 10 years of living in the US and not being able to visit often.
circus burlesque dancer

Tosca Rivola (Photo by Scott London)

I am grateful to my LA burlesque family for the consistent work and friendship. I’ve been a core cast member of Donna Hood’s Tease if You Please for many years, and last year started my own Tarantino-themed show, TARANTINA, with a heavy emphasis on specialty talent and martial arts…..and of course some burlesque!
I really love the effect of specialty talent vs burlesque so I created a show in homage to one of my favorite directors to celebrate all of those things at once.
The best night of last year was when Quentin Tarantino actually made an appearance at the show, specifically the one focused around his new film Once Upon A time in Hollywood! He stayed and chatted with each cast member and we all danced until the club closed its doors that night!
bBallet burlesque performer
This year has definitely been a challenge, and even though our industry is on hold, I’ve been grateful for the restructuring that’s been happening both within the community and in the country as a whole.
This downtime has given me the chance to reflect, set new goals and unearth a project that I’ve been holding on to for a while. I’ve launched DESPERADA, and similar to TARANTINA in cinematic inspiration, this show explores Sergio Leone’s epic narrative Once Upon a Time in the West – cast all female of course! In this show we’ll explore the classic western tale of good vs evil, the notorious pathos of western films and the dynamic scenes that juxtapose stillness with sudden action, violence and physical feats!
I’m excited for what 2021 may hold for all of us! Thank you for featuring me on Burlesque Baby!

With love,

Tosca xxx


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