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Love UR Look

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Love UR Look

A Dazzling Unique Sustainable Clothing Co


burlesque baby vintage magazine



Love UR Look –  A Sustainable clothing company for all bodies.

Sometimes you come across a company that just simply cares.

Founded by Fashion genius Ronke, she has carefully created a brand that brings

you top quality clothing, that makes you feel good – &  looks good,

and you know it’s created with fantastic sustainable ethics.




burlesque baby vintage magazine



Love UR Look is so lovely with the form flattering unique garment’s, being very inclusive to all dress sizes. You are bound to find that to “die for piece” and also at a very reasonable price.

I have to say looking thru the shop is a feast for the eyes, so many choices of incredibly stylish pieces. The styles are on point.



 Mexicana Prints

Mid Century Style

Cactus and Western

Conversational Prints



burlesque baby vintage magazine


Apart  from creating wonderful fitted flattering clothes for all women, I love the fact they are very ethical, and  up – cycle and rescue material that would be in landfill otherwise. I love this, showing care for people and the planet has to make you feel great about supporting this wonderful business.


My advice check them out, many links above and listed below



burlesque baby vintage magazine




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