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Miss Burlesque Baby April – Miss Charlie Bouquett

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Charlie Bouquett


Miss Burlesque Baby April 2020



“Charlie is a chameleon, an incredible performer with a fantastic flair for costumes, a producer of shows worldwide, and then in the real world, an almost unrecognisable, humble and hilarious human.” – Paul Green
“In-your-face funny and sexy” – Time Out

Internationally acclaimed Charlie Bouquett is a multi talented cabaret artist and award nominated showgirl who has toured the world twice over, enchanting audiences with her performances from New Orleans to New Delhi, Moscow to Tokyo and beyond.

She has been described as a  “true burlesque beauty with a dark and dangerous twist” but you need only know her as the next best act you’ll see this year. Specialising in burlesque, fire, freakshow and fetish shows, her “effortlessly elegant” performances blur the lines between pain and pleasure that will leave you questioning the true essence of your own deepest desires.
“When I was just 17 I started my first residency in a show called “Bete Noire” at the legendary Madame Jojo’s in Soho, London, I remember I’d always have to sneak in early before the security arrived as I wasn’t legally suppose to be allowed into the club at that age. It was there that my passion and life long love for cabaret and burlesque actually became my full time profession and that is still very much the case 10 years later. I love my job and I am endlessly grateful for the opportunities it has given me to see the world and travel with my work.
As well as performing, modelling and producing events, I also run a small independent online shop “The Late Night Boutique. Currently the shop mostly sells custom made wigs and headpieces to performers and party goers globally, but I am working on expanding the boutique to sell all types of showgirl/boy essentials, from feather boas, handmade lingerie sets designed specifically for burlesque dancers, Swavorski embedded accessories and so much more!”
Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Charlie Bouquett on the world stage as she debuted her new exotic aerial bird cage performance and further new shows this summer. You can catch her performing regularly at one of her London residencies: Proud Cabaret, Cafe De Paris or Cirque Le Soir. For more information and show listings, visit
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