Gaiety Girls

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Gaiety Girls


Chorus Girls from the 1890’s  Edwardian Musical Comedies in London



George Edwarde’s was the producer and creator, who produced these singing light comedies in London Theatre’s from the 1890.

A Step away from Burlesque, the ladies were seen to be well spoken beauties with respectable backgrounds, seen as singing, dancing, ladies with an English humour, and elegant English fashion, all seen as very attractive.

London couturiers designed costumes were keen to dress the ladies for the stage productions, and in turn the ladies would have these costumes photographed for publicity photo’s. Postcards of the ladies were very collectable among the Stage Door Johnnies.

Infact the ladies were very popular among rich stage door johnnies who would wait at the stage door hoping wishing to date them, some ended up in marriage.

gaiety girls

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