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1950s Vintage TV Lamps

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Vintage TV Lamps



The TV lamp came about in the 1950’s as people believed that tv in low light could damage your eyes, as the tv’s emitted low light. People liked to watch their black and white tv’s in the dark but wanted a bit more light, so the TV lamp was then created.

TV lamps were created to help people watch TV and they came as novelty lamps in the form of animals and various scenes, some were clocks and planters. Just about anything someone could create as its was more of a cool house hold decoration that also worked as a lamp, but with out a shade, the bulb was usually within the mold of the lamp and light emitted from the silhouette of the lamp.

Honestly so many types of the tv lamps were created, pretty much anything you could think of. Popular TV lamps were panthers, or flamingos, and hundreds of designs, made by a ton of designers. Originally a dime store buy they were easy to get and super popular in North America.

They are super popular now for those who love mid century and kitsch items.



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