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Gizzelle – Rock n Roll Soul Queen

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Gizzelle rock n roll rockabilly




50s blues, rhythm and blues, and early 60s soul  Artist

I had the most delightful chat with a beautiful soul by the name of Gizzelle, a lady with an incredible voice that stops you in your tracks, with an endearing heart to match.



Gizzelle is a super fav at any vintage event – rock n roll weekender, and people swarm to the stage well in advance for her appearance on stage. A voice of a soul queen, that not many could match frankly, the show is always guaranteed to blow the roof off.

I wish I could say where I first saw Gizzelle, maybe Vegas, maybe the UK, I never really know.  I do know I am one of the 1st at that stage to witness her blessed voice.

Gizzelle is of course backed up by such talented musicians – Robert Greenig – Drums, Victor Mendez – Piano, Alex Vargas – Bass, Vocals, Takao Inoue – Saxophone.

Gizzelle  grew up a singing dancing child, with a cassette player in tow,  inspired by her mother’s love of great female artists, soaked in the music her mother played,  Patsy Cline, Aretha franklin, Barbara Streisand, and Ruth Brown.


Gizzelle rock n roll rockabilly


Singing since the age of 6, also appearing in her school choir and performing a staring role in the Disney classic – Beauty and the Beast playing Belle, this all leading to the dazzling singer she is today. As a teen Gizzelle signed up with Wild Records, with inspirational help from her Uncle Eddie and of course her mother, who at the beginning gently encouraged her on stage – that was the beginning and since then.

Touring everywhere and performing with top billing artists around the globe, including Janice Martin and her all time idol – Ruth Brown, who she in fact performed with twice.

Gizzelle has gone on to release albums & singles, which can be found at  Wild records   You can also purchase Mp3 downloads of Gizelle’s incredible recordings and her latest 45 record Deep Dark Secret.

GIZZGIZZELLE.Gizzelle rock n roll rockabilly

Gizzelle – Tshirt – Merchandise


I asked Gizzelle some fun questions:

What is your fav food:  Anything Italian and Seafood

Fav Hobby: Cooking

Fav Music: I love all music, such as – Opera, Spanish, Reggae etc…

Fav Past time: Family means the world, spending time with my family, music is my other happiness. ( Fun fact – as in pictures, Gizzelle’s own daughter is an aspiring musician too)



Inspiring words:



Gizzelle rockabilly weekender

Next Gizzelle Show



If you want to catch up with future dates of Gizelle’s shows and buy merchandise – catch her on these links

Gizzelle FB

Gizzelle Insta

Gizzelle – Wild Records



Gizzelle rock n roll rockabilly Gizzelle rock n roll rockabilly Gizzelle rock n roll rockabilly Gizzelle rock n roll rockabilly Gizzelle rock n roll rockabilly










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