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Carlo of Hollywood – Mid century Artist

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Carlo of Hollywood


An elusive artist from the 50’s to the late 1970’s. Quite a talent, and hardly anyone knows anything about this fantastic artist. Popular back in the mid century, and very popular now for those who have a love of mid century style.

I am writing this with the odd bits of information I found on the internet, as there is not much info around, so these are alleged facts only. A couple of people I found info in – was from the two broke Guyz and Nick Martinolich.

It is rumoured that Carlo of Hollywood was in fact a relation to Lucille Ball’s husband, Desi Arnaz and was one of the set designer’s for I love Lucy.

Being a talented artist, Carlo who may be seen as an impressionist artist, used oil or water-colour mediums. His subject of  work also varied  – often landscapes, people and animals,  he was also popular for the cool frames he used for his paintings, as below in the pictures attached.


Carlo of Hollywood


Carlo of Hollywood paintings were mass produced for the working class people. Art Craft was a company that produced work for the Carlo brand. Painting’s were labeled with a sticker, one example as above, and you would find Carlo painting’s in general dept, and home furnishing stores, builders also gave them away to new home builders.

Some paintings said Carlo of Hollywood on the metal tab, and all were signed on the canvas   Carlo. Artists were employed by Art Craft to paint the paintings, and also sign the paintings, so you will see variations in the signature. You may also find serial numbers on the back.

It is also said that one way to tell an original by Carlo himself, is to check out for original pencil  marks on the canvas. He had students that he would also do this for and they would fill out the canvas once Carlo sketched the design.


Carlo of Hollywood mid century artist Carlo of Hollywood mid century artist Carlo of Hollywood mid century artist

Carlo of Hollywood Mid century painting Carlo of Hollywood Mid century painting



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