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Lucite Purse 1950’s Fashion

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The Love of Lucite



Lucite Purses were introduced in the lates 1940’s, and  became popular in the 1950’s. Such fun purses, in a variety of colours such as clear, reds ,ambers, caramel, tortoise shell and more.

Notable brands were Wilardy, Rialto, Llewellyn, Myles Originals Patricia of Miami, and Miami Handbags. They came in a variety of shapes such as beehive, basket, box etc.

Lucite bags were stylish novelty style handbags, and all women of all ages loved Lucite handbags as the modern vintage girl does now. Lucite purses can be highly collectable and varied in price.

Lucite bags had different styles imbedded, eg: confetti, rhinestone, seashells, metal basket weave, lace, flowers, glass, pearls & metallic threads.

They faded out of popularity eventually, due to the desire for mass produced bags.

Some places to buy are, estate &  car boot sales, these can get you the best deals, and of course there is Ebay and Etsy and many vintage shops and even instagram.




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