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Mid Century Modern Chalkware

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Mid Century Modern Chalkware



Mid Century Chalkware is what we think of when we think of Mid century figurines. Wall decorations, made of plaster of paris and is light and often colourful.

Chalkware had 3 main era’s, late 18th century, the 1920’s – 1930’s  and the most popular,  the 1940’s – 1960’s mid century era. Chalkware is a very prone to chips and breaking so must be handled with care.

In the mid century era, people brought their chalkware decorations and figurines to decorate their house. The costs were cheap, and the oh so many styles to suit many tastes, it was a popular choice.

Favourite mid century designs that people like to collect now, are mermaids, vintage mid century cats, fish. Also mid century people figurines, eg: ballet dancers and more.

One particular design of that time was often depicting romanticized ideas of different races. These would not be socially acceptable in this day and age, eg: Asian, Native American, African Hawaiian people. Often created in a stereotypical way, of course not all were like this , but I would suggest to really observe what you purchase before doing so.

Chalkware stopped being produced in the 1970’s, as plastic became a more viable choice. Some Chalkware is collectible, and expensive and some designs can be found at great  affordable prices too, you can find some great pieces with research.



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