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Pyrex Lovers

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Pyrex Lovers

A crazy cool bunch of collectors

that have an incredible passion for collecting pyrex


only the most pretty dishes will do 🙂


Pyrex was invented first by Corning in 1915, and still continues strong today. Pyrex is basically fabulous bakeware, made of a special glass, the composites have changed over the years, as well as patterns and designs, and its also known for being sturdy and also being very popular, in-fact you would be pressed not to find at least once piece, in any kitchen.

The most popular pieces that are now collectable, are really from the 1940’s to 1970’s, give or take, gorgeous pieces in an array of colours and patterns. Check this link to see the amazing patterns for pyrex for North America, other countries often have different patterns.  Pyrex patterns

Since the popularity in collecting mid century items, Pyrex is now also highly collectable, and the most prettiest designs are the most sought after. Hunting for pyrex is a thrill for any collector, of course you can go and buy straight off Etsy,  but serious hunters with the finest pieces, will tell you it’s the thrill of the find, and of course the price also helps. 😉

Below we have found a selection fabulous pyrex collectors, with the most divine collections. Enjoy. xxx





Name: Alaina Sainato

Favourite Piece: My Original 1946 primary colour mixers

I have 250 Pieces. I have been collecting 10 years.






Name: Stephanie Cass

Favourite piece: Space Savers

How many pieces approx: 1000 pieces including Fire King, Pyrex etc…

I have been collecting 7 years. We collect other things, such as aluminum trees and ornaments, barware, vintage crewels.

We use a 1954 GE fridge for every day use. We live in North Carolina. We’re in our mid 30’s. Our home is filled with thrifted MCM furniture, Active duty military family.

We run a couple of antique booths and are volunteer staff at a local auction company.





Name: Shayna Piascik

My interest in vintage Pyrex was sparked by the Amazon show, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. In the very first episode, she makes a brisket in a Pink Daisy 045 oval casserole. I had to have it! I didn’t even really like pink! The next day I was out on the hunt at local shops. I felt like I had to buy it all before the secret was out – all these cool dishes were being abandoned and up for grabs?!

In just over a year, I have gathered well over 100 dishes between thrift stores, antique shops, and trading across the internet community of like-minded folks. My biggest collections are the pink and turquoise dishes. I also have a rainbow of the small 501 refrigerator dishes.

My search for Pyrex has led to a number of happy, accidental collections and new friendships. I’ve developed a love for anything vintage-kitchen, like Finel or Cathrineholm enamelware, Arabia Finland pottery, and really anything from the mid-century with cool illustrations. It has all inspired my own art as well (@shaynapiascik). My work has become loose and playful, less stiff and more abstract.

Overall, I am most attracted to the design, the functionality, and the hunt. It’s thrilling.





Name: Shonnda Stamps

My love for Pyrex started when I was about 5, my grandma would take me to yard sales, thrift stores and estate sales hunting down Pyrex. But, I didn’t start collecting myself until about 2 years ago about a year after my grandma passed. Since then I’ve collected about 300 pieces. My favorite Pyrex has to be turquoise Butterprint it was my grandma’s favorite pattern and the first she passed down to me. I love all Pyrex but, my favorite pieces to collect are the 4pc refrigerator dishes ❤️




I really appreciate these lovely ladies sharing this with us, they are literally my pyrex heroes.

Burlesque Baby xxx

Pyrex collectors – Pyrex love – Burlesquebaby.net






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