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How to Begin in Burlesque 

Tips by Amsterdam Burlesque Star

Fay Loren 




  1. Go watch a lot of shows

    Don’t only go to burlesque shows, also go to theatre plays, opera, dance performances etc.

  2. Read about the history of burlesque

    Start learning as much as you can about burlesque, this will also help you develop your own style.

  3. Take burlesque lessons and/or workshops

    Look for a burlesque school or take workshops. Besides learning burlesque you will meet likeminded people.

  4. Find your own signature style in burlesque

    There are so many different burlesque styles. Don’t be afraid to experiment.
    I’m specialized in classic burlesque. But there is so much more to do!

  5. Use your special skill

    Can you already sing, tap-dance or have any other skill? Use it at burlesque!

  6. Start as a stage kitten 

    A stage kitten is someone who prepares the stage for the next performer and cleans it again after. It’s a great way to learn about performing and getting to know other burlesque artists. I also worked as a stage kitten when I just started!

  7. Invest in your costumes 

    Invest time and money into creating your costumes. Make them yourself or buy something you can adjust to your own size and style. Make them stand out and unique!

  8. Don’t expect a very high payment when you’re just starting 

    At most events there are special fees for beginners and headliners.

  9. Have fun 

    The most important is that you have fun and feel confident.



   Fay Loren xxx

Fay Loren





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