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Miss Burlesque Baby July – Seren Dippity

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Miss Burlesque Baby 

July 2018


Seren Dippity


A comedy performer who loves the classics. Seren Dippity has  performed all over the UK and was also a Miss Pin Up finalist 2016



“It is an honour to be Miss Burlesque Baby July! As a performer, giving everything to your passion gives you the drive to get up on stage and create a whole new world. I try and connect with my audience and take them on a journey with me. With my fellow performers, I always try and lift them and send random messages with positivity.”

“We have all got our own thing going on, this year has been rather down for me, but it’s getting better. My new motto you still love it,  keep going as you don’t know what is round the corner.”


Seren Dippity xxx






Photo by Claire Seville

Claire Seville


miss burlesque baby July Pin up






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