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Atomic Beauty Cosmetics by Sabina Kelley & Michelle Schoser

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I was so lucky to meet these Beauty queens at an intimate Soiree at the extravagant Caesar’s palace Las Vegas. A night of delicious bites and cocktails with lovely ladies, chatting over the bountiful selection of Atomic Beauty products. I have to say Sabina and Michelle, are nothing short of delightful, and here is an interview with them for you to indulge in.



Hi Michelle and Sabina

I’m totally excited to chat to you about your new and fantastic Atomic Beauty Cosmetics Pinup Pout Red Lip Trio, and just to start off with, how beautiful is the packaging, a sexy Lip trio, in a gorgeous metallic red and clear makeup bag, totally divine.



Thank you so much Sharon! We worked hard on the collaboration with my partner and co-owner Sabina Kelley to find a balance between our love of mid-century culture while having a modern look to it. We were also looking to find subtly with the beautiful Sabina Kelley logo, so that the product packaging could speak for itself. We love being able to provide something for Sabina’s amazing loyal fan base, makeup artists, pinup lovers and ladies and gents of all ages. It has been awesome to see how we have also inspired people who have never wore a red lip before to try one. We love the little makeup bags too! It is amazing how much one can fit in there and that is coming from me as a lipstick and lip pencil hoarder. Lol (-Michelle)




I love the names, Pinup – (Lipstick), Ruby Slippers – (Glitter) – Showgirl – Lipgloss), so pretty, what was the inspiration behind these names?

Picking the names of the products is one of the most fun parts for us doing Atomic Beauty Cosmetics! The inspiration behind these names was really based on my experience working as an International PinUp model, and during my time working as a Showgirl on the Las Vegas strip in the beginning of my career. When Michelle and I came up with the idea of doing this collection and starting Atomic Beauty Cosmetics, it only made sense to start with products for a classic red lip. We thought it would be fun to tie in products that could be used together and by themselves. The addition of the glitter was chosen to take the red lip look up a notch. And really, with my background in theater, this is a perfect lip look for a stage setting. I have worn so many different red lipsticks over the years and we wanted a red that really was a classic red that would look good on everyone. We believe we have captured that. It is the only red lipstick I wear now. With the lipstick being a long-lasting formula, we knew it would also stand up for long photoshoots, brides on their wedding days and theatrical environments too.(-Sabina)


Your products are paraben and cruelty free which is really lovely and a big attraction to a lot of people. I can’t imagine how hard it is too launch beauty products and even more to be conscious and careful about what you are putting into it.

Yes, cruelty free is something that is a non-negotiable for the both of us, and will always be a pillar for our brand. We have also started the process to become Leaping Bunny certified. It is true that people are attracted to tha,t and just as people are taking more of an interest in what they eat, what they put on their face/body is also continuing to become more and more important. It is important to us too. We want to provide high quality products with high quality ingredients for our customers even if that means it costs us more to produce. We have some long-term goals. We are working towards being able to claim that all of our products are vegan. Ultimately, we would love to have all of our ingredients organic, non-gmo etc. while still being able to create products that will hold up in professional settings such as photoshoots, production environments, television, bridal events etc. It is a tall order and we will get there!


photo @sveinnphotography


What brought you both together to do this, and how difficult was it getting off the starting block, how long did it take to launch?

Ha, man…where to begin!  Sabina and I have been friends for many years.  We met in a dive bar in Las Vegas almost 20 years ago (before we could legally drink..shhhh!) and both being California transplants and having similar interests we instantly connected.  The crazy thing was we found out that night we were both living in the same apartment complex! So funny of all the apartments complexes in Vegas! Destined to be friends for sure. We also began supporting each other early on in our careers with me as a makeup artist and Sabina as a showgirl/pinup model so we worked together early on. We have been through a lot of life experiences together. In 2017, the timing was right, and we committed to get started. With my experience working for MAC Cosmetics as a Senior Operations manager that helped us with the logistics, but it still wasn’t or isn’t easy. Production, manufacturing and ironing out details takes time. We ultimately launched right before Christmas last year with the PinUp Pout Red Lip Trio.  Once we saw the success with it, we decided to release the PinUp lipstick to be available to purchase by itself too. (-Michelle)



I think one of the big attractions with the Lip trio is all the products are different and super glam. They inspire you to want to dress up and feel pretty.

Who occasion do you think would be perfect to wear this gorgeous trio?

We are so thankful you get that feeling when you look at them!  We do too! They can even be viewed as the perfect accessory to compliment a look and the Glitter Dipped Sateen lipstick in PinUp is almost like a piece of jewelry.  We get comments often from people that purchase it that say that they just wanted to look at it for the first few days because it is so pretty to look at! I think where to wear it to depends on the person.  Some people are comfortable wearing a red lip daily and we say Go For It! For those that are not, anything from going to dinner, seeing bands play at show, attending a wedding, a classic bridal look, a party and of course any holiday would be perfect days to wear the PinUp Pout Red Lip Trio! (-Sabina)



Glitter is a new dazzling concept for many, Do you have any tips on how to apply these amazing products ?

Absolutely! Glitter can be intimidating. As a makeup artist, some steps I can give to make it easier is to first apply a coordinating red lip pencil to line the lip, and create a nice professional outline to work with. This also will help the lipstick to last longer. Then using either the lipstick straight from the tube or for a more precise application, apply it with a lip brush. Gently rub lips together, and go back and re-outline the lip to really crisp up the edges.  Then for the glitter, open the lid and either dab your middle finger into the jar, picking up a small amount of glitter and press it into your lip starting in the center of the bottom and began to use that same patting technique, as you apply to glitter moving towards the outside of the lip.  Repeat for the top lip as well. One of the best things about our glitter is it is microfine which means that it gives high shine while feeling more comfortable on the lip. This same technique can be used when pairing the Showgirl High Shine Vinyl Gloss with a liner and the Ruby Slippers glitter. (-Michelle)


Where can we purchase

the Pinup Pout Red Lip Trio from?


Both the PinUp Pout Red Lip Trio and the PinUp lipstick, can currently be purchased on my website at We also have a few wholesale accounts in California and Australia, where people can get the trio in person. We have information on those locations listed on my site, or you can email us at for a list.




Do you have any news or events you could tell us about?

We are so excited about what is to come for Atomic Beauty Cosmetics. We are in the process of launching 15 new professional quality reasonably priced products!  We have 5 Liquid Lip Metals, 5 Luxurious Liquid Lip Silks and 5 Celestial Pressed Highlighters that will be launching the first week of May.We were recently in Las Vegas for Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend supporting 2 events.  We hosted a private Pre-launch Pop Up hosted at the super hip and delicious Searsucker Las Vegas in Caesar’s Palace and then pre-launched these 15 items at Sabina’s booth in the Meet & Greet celebrity area of the Viva Las Vegas car show.  Both events were a lot of fun! Stay tuned for the launch of our website at and come follow us on Instagram at  (-Michelle)



Thanks Michelle and Sabina xxx


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