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5 Fabulous questions


Cherry Dollface 

cherry Dollface


Cherry Dollface is an all round multi talented gal, with a kind heart and a incredible social media following that reflects this. A pinup model, talented stylist, & hair and makeup artist, plus a soon to be author, can’t wait for this. 
1) You have such incredible youtube tutorials, and you travel the globe to teach pin up hair and makeup. Your such a great artist, did it take long to craft your fantastic skills, and do you have any tips for gals struggling to get that perfect do?

I am still perfecting my skills!!  I think hair and makeup techniques are always changing, so I am always learning new things. I don’t ever want to say that I am an expert or that I am done learning. I learn as much in my classes as I teach! My best tip is just practice! I don’t have any radical skills beyond that of a normal human… I just practiced a LOT.

cherry Dollface
2) Cherry your also known for  being a pin up model and have done so much, I hear now that you have a fantastic book coming out, personally so excited for this, can you give us a sneaky insight in what we may expect ? 

Oh my gosh, I am so excited too! It has 5 chapters all designed to help the everyday gal figure out what part of the vintage lifestyle she fits into. There are chapters on hair, makeup, style, decorating your home and entertaining. I think there is a little something for everyone of all interested and all skill levels. And there is a lot of silliness in there too. 

cherry dollface
3) You have joined patreon, which I think is a great platform for artists to be sponsored and carry on with their creativity.
For all those who don’t know about your patreon profile, what can you tell people about what to expect if they join and sponsor you x

I have SO much content there you wont find anywhere else. I put ALL of my hair and makeup makeover before and afters there. You also see behind the scenes of my life, tours and upcoming projects. I also do all of my tour announcements there first. I also offer live hair and makeup tutorials, a monthly Q&A, signed Polaroids, hand written monthly postcards… There is so much there I can’t even fit it all here! It has been so much fun creating content for a small group of people. I am starting to get to know all of them and it is so much more personal.

4) You have such a huge following on social media its incredible, I love your warmth with people and your down to earth attitude, I feel people really connect with you. What do you love about having such a great following.

Thank you! And what I love most are comments like the ones you just made. I love when people find me friendly and warm and silly. That is how I try to be in my normal life. I just want to be me with everyone that watches me and it makes me so happy when I meet girls and the first thing they say is “I feel like we are already friends!” That is my goal.

 cherry dollface
5) So how can fans find out what your up to next,  and up and coming tours  and of course the amazing book 🙂

Patreon is the fastest way to get access to whats new. But I also announce everything via my social media at some point. I am @thecherrydollface on everything. 


Thanks cherry xx




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