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VICTORY ROLLS  by the Beehive Vintage

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VICTORY ROLLS  by the Beehive Vintage

The victory roll style was popularised in WW2 as a way of making hair safe in the factories whilst maintaining glamour and style. The style was named after the shape of a fighter plane manoeuvre and still remain an iconic style of the last century and war time Britain and America. Victory rolls have had a recent resurgence in popularity recently with its glamourous nod to days gone by but also it’s versatility. The victory roll can be worn with an updo or with flowing locks and can be styled symmetrically or Asymmetrically for different looks. The best thing about the victory roll style for me personally is that it lends itself to unwashed hair do to it holding better so it’s great for a glam look when you’re in a rush.

So, let’s get started;

What you will need:

Tail comb, for sectioning and back combing

Soft bristle brush, for smoothing

Hair spray, 

Bobby pins,

Tongues (optional)

Starting with dry hair, brush through and part the sections required for your two rolls and work out where you want your rolls to sit. Take the first of your sections, spray lightly and back comb gently holding the hair so that you’re back combing what will form the inside of your roll. Now, you can use tongues to form the shape of your rolls, this isn’t always necessary and with unwashed, backcombed hair you should be able to shape and mould your rolls perfectly well without any heated appliances. Ok so shape your roll with your fingers, gently smoothing the outside with your brush and when you’re happy pin into into place, then repeat to the other side. Now accessorize away and enjoy.
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