Lou Lou D’vil in Vegas – Q & A

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lou lou dvil burlesque baby

Lou Lou D’vil in Vegas – Q & A  xxx


Burlesque Queen in Vegas.

Miss Exotic World, Fetish Model & Fashion Icon. 




Hey Lou Lou,

How is life treating you, I have been following you for years, from your burly beginnings in Finland, to winning Miss Exotic World, and now living the life in glorious Las Vegas, how damn cool is that. :).

So the big question is, what was your draw to the city of Las Vegas, and how is life treating you in the USA, was it a big adjustment ?


        Thank you, my life has been very adventurous as you can imagine! :), 

         It was a big thing to move to another country, but I’m finally starting to

         understand how everything works here in USA, as the culture is very

         different than in Europe.

         I’m still a bit amazed myself how I ended up to Vegas. First plan was

         actually. to move to Chicago, but then I had a dream that I should move to.  


         I have always listened my intuition and that’s why I decided that this is the  

         right decision. I only knew two people in Vegas, and my friend Ms Redd,  

         made sure I would get a good start here. She helped me A LOT in the    

         beginning and I’m ever grateful for her help. 

        My biggest dream was to be part of a bigger show production so I could  

        challenge myself and become even better and more versatile          


lou lou dvil burlesque baby 





 I saw you were in the pin up show in Vegas a while back, and also on a  billboard for the show, how was that ?.

Im presuming bloody brilliant, and do you have any more aspirations to get into theatre again ?



       It was a dream come true! First it almost felt like a dream, until I had to start

        learning 11 different, someone else’s choreographed acts! 😀

        but hard work and a help of an amazing team I learned quickly.

        It was so enjoyable to be part of a dynamic team, a PIN UP show family,

        working together to achieve something magical and delivering the best

        possible experience for the audience.


        I’m especially grateful for this 1,5 years long experience, because the people at the

       Stratosphere trusted to my skills, and they are very head of  

       time by hiring tattooed headliners. Women with tattoos are still

       a taboo in Las Vegas, but they understood that the audience actually likes

       the diversity. It takes some balls to do something different!.


        If similar opportunity would come again, I would not hesitate to say YES on

       that spot.


lou lou dvil burlesque baby



 I love your diversity in what you do, I see you are happy to be a model, or on

 a stage performing, and you also perform some awesome acts with your partner

too. What inspires Lou Lou, in being this creative goddess ?.


Oh thank you :D, I have always enjoyed exploring different kind of styles / techniques /         opportunities, as I want to learn and grow all the time. Curiosity must be the thing that drives me to always explore the unknown. That is why these days Im doing more and more, plus modeling, fetish and performance art, beside burlesque. In the future I want to be involved more in art and fashion world, and concentrate more on teaching & helping other artists in their creative process. 


lou lou dvil burlesque



I have to say, you also have very awesome style, with your hair & makeup, and the colours are mad cool, I think your female fans must be very inspired by your style. 

Apart from the stunning style, do you have a strict beauty fitness / diet routine added to this, too stay looking fabulous ?  


        Oh absolutely! Nothing comes for free, so I really have to work hard to stay

        in shape. It becomes more and more important the older you get. I try to

        exercise at the gym at least 3 times a week, and eat healthy. I also don’t

        smoke or drink that often anymore, and I really try to get enough sleep!. 



I see you have been performing at tattoo expo’s, burlesque show’s and been on the cover of many magazine’s, you must be so busy.

Where can one catch Lou Lou next, do you have any big shows or tours coming up fans can catch you ? 



         This summer has been busiest ever and I’m so grateful for that. My next

         bigger shows are Hell City Tattoo convention in Phoenix on this month, and

         then two big fetish events. I’m performing at Fetish Factory (Halloween) and

         Dallas Fetish Ball with Torture Garden (Nov). There’s one possible tour

         coming up on 2018 but as it’s not confirmed, I can’t talk about it yet.

In September, I’m focusing on shooting my 2018 calendar with the amazing Radiant Inc, and there are also other cool merchandise coming up so stay tuned!.


lou lou dvil burlesque baby



I see you have a patreon account, which is a fantastic way for fans to be able to see you, and appreciate their love of your art. What can people expect from supporting you at patreon. ?


I’m sharing exclusive pictures and videos there that I can’t share on social media. I’m also giving tutorials / tips and guidance there to all burlesque, MUAH & fashion fans. My Patrons get the first look to different kind of projects, show dates, backstages and they also get to know me more.

         Patreon has challenged my skills in a new way, because every month I’m  

         producing two different kind of photo sets and videos to my supporters.

         It’s lot of work, but also lot of fun, and I get to be more and more creative

         while learning. I also have so many pictures from the past 9 years I have

         been a performer, that it’s cool to have finally a place where I can share

         those ”naked” memories!.

😀 www.patreon.com/louloudvil



    BB – How do we find out about your shows etc.

LL – My website is www.louloudvil.com.
My main focus today is in Instagram  
        because I love its visuality. 


 Thanks Lou Lou for this awesome Q & A xxx







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